5 Common Worries Individuals Have About Alcohol Assessments

Getting an alcohol assessment can be scary. It doesn’t matter if a person is getting assessed willingly or through a court order; people still have the same fears. Explore some of these common fears to help gain peace of mind before going in for an assessment.

Fear of Being Diagnosed

Almost everyone getting an alcohol assessment for the first time has the fear of being permanently labeled an alcoholic. Don’t think of the assessment as a labeling process; instead, think of it more like a strategy session. Patients get assessed to find out if they have a problem and identify their next steps.

Fear of Being Judged

A professional conducting an alcohol assessment isn’t there to judge the patient. In fact, they have probably seen a worse case of alcohol abuse in their career. Talk freely and openly about alcohol use so that the professional can make an accurate conclusion.

Fear of Needing Costly Treatments

Not every alcoholic needs rehab. While residential rehabilitation facilities can help people overcome their addiction, many people are able to take steps towards recovery on their own. Professionals can help refer patients to treatments that best suit their lifestyles and budgets. The goal of the alcohol assessment is to better understand the situation, not to force someone into rehab.

Fear of Looking Bad in Court

Many people get alcohol assessments because they had an incident of some kind. It’s okay to be nervous, especially if the judgement will have a significant impact on a person’s life. A proper alcohol assessment is going to take more than a single incident into account. The professional is going to assess all of the patient’s behaviors and patterns to come to a conclusion about their alcohol use.

Fear of Addressing the Problem

An alcohol assessment in Grand Rapids MI is often the first step on the road to recovery; however, this step can be scary. When people think of addressing their problem, they think of everything involved in making a major change to their lifestyle. While the road to recovery certainly isn’t easy, rest assured knowing that the process can be done at one’s own pace. No one is going to force alcohol assessment grand rapids mi a patient to make significant changes overnight. Addressing the problem helps patients develop an action plan and find the best way to slowly change their life around.

Alcohol assessments are a useful tool that helps people better understand themselves. A professional will do their best to make sure the patient is comfortable. They will create a judgement-free zone for the patient to discuss their habits openly. This will help the patient discover their next steps.

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